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This prayer includes a version for someone coming out and for someone receiving them.
the Pride flad of rainbow colors
“I wanted a way of acknowledging and bringing my own queerness into the wedding ceremony”
Blessing of Gratitude for Queer Ancestors & Community

Blessing for gender transition surgery

B’rakhah for Entering Gender Confirming Surgery

A poem commemorating the victims of the massacre at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando

close up of hand holding candle - crowd in the background holding many candles

An original song based on lyrics from Song of Songs celebrating female same-sex love

Arise, My Love

A partner in a same-sex couple describes how and why they chose to use traditional language for their wedding ceremony

screen shot from margee interview about same sex marriage

A blessing to acknowledge and celebrate bisexual members of a community.

bisexual pride flag

A blessing celebrating the questioning of sexuality or gender identity.

For Questioning Sexuality

A blessing for receiving Torah, acknowledging the diversity of the spectrum of queer identities

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