Self-Authored Tena’im

למזל טוב 

Winter has passed, the rains have fled the earth and left it bright with blossoms.
Birds wing in the low sky, dove and songbird singing in the open air above.
Earth nourishing tree and vine, green fig and tender grape, green and tender fragrance.
Come with me, my love, come away! (Song of Songs 2:11

כי הנה הסתיו עבר הגשם חלף הלך לו
הניצנים נראו בארץ
עת הזמיר הגיע וקול התור נשמע בארצנו
התאנה חנטה פגיה והגפנים סמדר נתנו ריח
קומי לך רעיתי יפתי ולכי לך


May THE SOURCE OF LIFE bestow a good name and future to the provisions embodied in this agreement, which were agreed upon by the two parties hereto, that is, Jameson Greene, who is represented by Marcia and Mandell Greene, and Jennifer Corman, who is represented by Debra and Michael Corman.

The above named parties agree to take each other as partners through huppah and kiddushin, in accordance with the laws of Moses, Miriam, and Israel, as is the custom of our people. They will neither flee from nor conceal from one another any property whatsoever. Rather they shall equally have power over each other’s property according to the local custom.

The above named partners vow to present each other with gifts according to the religion of Moses, Miriam, and Israel, as is the custom of our people:

Marcia and Mandell Greene, who represent Jameson Greene offer a tallit which will be the huppah at the wedding. It symbolizes the new home that will be built, and fulfills the first requirement of the partnership, huppah. Debra and Michael Corman, who represent Jennifer Corman, offer a kiddush cup which will be used at the wedding. It symbolizes the holiness of this new relationship, and fulfills the second requirement of the partnership, kiddushin. May these gifts bring light into their lives as it is said: “You Adonay, are clothed in glory and majesty; wrapped in a robe of light!” (Psalm 104:1–2)

The wedding will take place with mazal tov and God’s will on the nineteenth day of Sivan, five thousand seven hundred sixty-five, or sooner than that date if both parties agree to it.

If either party is stirred to consider the possibility of breaking this agreement, a process of personal reflection is first required, which is to be followed by an open discussion of each party’s concerns. The parties are then obligated to work with a skilled relationship counselor before a final decision is reached.

All that is written above was done with full understanding and an open heart, with mutual respect, the spirit of our sages, zihronam livraha, and according to the customs of our people: by means of a handshake, sincere words, and kinyan. This agreement takes effect immediately, and it is not to be regarded as a meaningless act. We have done kinyan in the presence of all who witnessed the document by using gifts legally fit for kinyan to validate what is written above.

הכל שריר וקיים                                   IT IS A VALID AND BINDING DOCUMENT

To further seal this agreement, the partners signed on Rosh Hodesh Adar II, 5765:

Bride   _____________________________________

Groom  _____________________________________

In the presence of us, the undersigned witnesses, the partners named above attached their signatures to affirm all that is stated above. In addition, they performed kinyan in our presence in order for these Tanai’im to take place immediately. We have confirmed as is required by tradition and have affixed our names below to prove this as a legal agreement on Rosh Hodesh Adar II, 5765.

Witness   _____________________________________

Witness   _____________________________________

אני לדודי ודודי לי
 I am for my beloved, and my beloved is for me. (Song of Songs 6:3)

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