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Historically, only a man could initiate Jewish divorce proceedings. The ceremony itself required a woman’s passive participation and did not address the concerns of same-sex couples. Recognizing that a divorce means more than the dissolution of property, we offer rituals to provide comfort and closure—addressing a range of emotions for all people going through a divorce. May these rituals bring healing to all who use them.

Egalitarian Get (Jewish Divorce) Ritual

Respectful egalitarian divorce ritual that includes a prayer for separating, intentions for a future loving relationship, and blessings from witnesses for compassion and an end to conflict and strife.   more
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A Ritual of Release

By Rabbis Paula Marcus, Eli Cohen, and Lori Klein
A separation ritual for a same-sex couple prior to finalizing a get   more
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Upon the Breakdown of a Relationship

By Helen Freeman
A ceremony for a woman and friends using a bowl of stones. The stones echo stones which are traditionally left on graves as signs of remembrance.   more
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