We Dream the Dream

Drinking from the wellspring of life
We are born into this universe
We open our mouths and breathe
We open our eyes and see
We use our ears and hear
We bare our hearts and feel

Learning from the book of humanity
We crawl, stumble, and finally walk
We grasp handholds as we climb
We continue on despite being weary
We fumble forward best we can
We reach out for the stars
We search for G-d’s essence in our lives
We try to understand the nature of Holiness
We wish to become creations of Grace
We seek the paths of Righteousness
We face the mountains of Truth
We look for strength from Heaven
Traveling, always traveling, we journey on
We seek out our true calling
We search endlessly for deeper meaning
We strive hard to achieve goals
We find love, we lose love
We find hope and want to keep it
Looking at the book we created
We see the good we do
We see the flaws which we have
We feel the pain of failing
We know the joy of winning
We realize who we truly are
We are the essence of G-d’s Design
We are the nature of Eternal Holiness
We are the creations of Omnipotent Grace
We try to walk the paths of Solemn Righteousness
We attempt to climb the mountains of Unrepentant Truth
And always, we dream the Dream of Heaven
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