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person climbing hill in sandy desert with footsteps behind them and bright blue sky with white clouds above
“May this be the year we choose / to live our lives fully”
At the Precipice
“may reflection, introspection and soul-searching / help us discover our sacred purpose”
“We pray that you carry us in your heart to your new home”
Blessing for Someone Relocating
“We break open / To all that we will encounter”
Before We Tell the Story

“With offerings of healing. / Companions on the journey, / Guiding me to see / That which was always there.”

Protected Strength in Vision: Vayera

A journey of art making, writing, and meditation

Wheel of Teshuvah: A Guided Journey

Texts and reflection questions for each day of Elul

Daily Reflections for Elul in Anticipation of the Year 5781

Stop to behold the lightness we bring to the world through our blessed and capable hands

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