Today, and Maybe Only Today: a Reflection on Moving Out of an Unsafe Home

woman approaching colorful door
Today, and maybe only for today,
My life seems to be better.
The air is fresher, and the grass is greener.
Today, as I leave my home,
I leave behind abuse and pain.
I step beyond a time in life when
I didn’t know if I would be safe in the coming moment.
I leave behind pain and suffering
And I enter into a new time.
I hope to enter into a time of joy and of love.
Of honesty and togetherness with those I love.
A time of peace and harmony with my family,
Whether by blood or by choice.
Today, as I leave behind the life I’ve known,
I step into a period of uncertainty.
I may be leaving behind pain and trauma,
But I also leave behind memories:
Some cherished, some painful, and some
Simply moments in time that stay in my mind.
As I stand at this moment, preparing to move beyond,
I am left with many feelings: 
Many bittersweet, many painful, many lovely,
Many beautiful and important feelings.
Today, as I affix mezuzot, as I say the shehekhayanu,
As I step into a new chapter of my life,
I take this moment to acknowledge 
That my life is about to change.
I hope it changes for the better, and I hope
It is quickly, and in good time.
But uncertainty is okay, and it’s okay to not be.
For now, I will stand with these feelings,
I will bless my home, I will manifest love,
I will embody joy, and I will challenge myself
To be the light that I want to see in the world.
I will make my new home a safe place for me,
For those I love, and for the world entire.
Blessed are you, Spirit of the Universe,
Who has brought me to this place of uncertainty,
Who has brought me out of a place of anguish,
And who will bring me to a place of joy and love.
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