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“temples of leaves / firmaments of roots”
orchard at dawn
A poem of admiration for pomegranates
bowl of pomegranates
“…I wish to take a redcedar frond, salal and spirea, and pacific crab apple and bring them together…”
redcedar branches
“their roots twine / mycorrhizal networks / like neural pathways / bond this arboreal congregation”
big tree with closeup of large root system
brown skinned woman with long dark hair in forest, hands pressed together, looking up, with a look of wonder or gratitude

“We sing a new Mi Hamokha in your names today”

Sing a New Song: From Squirrel Hill to Colleyville

“We struggle to rejoice in budding trees”

Blessings of the Trees in a Covid Year

“Where can wisdom be found?”

Dreaming in Technicolor Wisdom

“Awash in the radiating comfort / Of this blessed, giving friend”

Mah Nora: Prayer of Torrents for British Columbia

“Draw from me, and I from you. / Let us mingle a new moon.” 

Holy Consummation

The Reconstructionist Network

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