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“The pause is mine. Hamotzi. All mine…”
a hand reaches towards a sliced challah
A poem of admiration for pomegranates
bowl of pomegranates

Bringing mindfulness to the act of welcoming guests through a chant and series of ritual intentions

Eight Ritual Steps of Hakhnasat Orkhim (Welcoming Guests)

“For the treasures of healthy sustenance I enjoy each day”

Kavannah Before Eating

Recipe for Persian frittata and Mashka Duah for Shavuot

Mizrahi Food, American Kitchen: Making Mashka Duah for Shavuot

“She chopped and mixed from scratch”


Seder featuring symbolic foods for the New Year

a honey dish and cut apple

Mizrachi-Sephardi recipes, blessings & kavannot for 5781

Blessed You’ll Be: Mizrachi Rituals & Recipes for 5781

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