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“The pause is mine. Hamotzi. All mine…”
a hand reaches towards a sliced challah
A poem of admiration for pomegranates
bowl of pomegranates

Bringing mindfulness to the act of welcoming guests through a chant and series of ritual intentions

Eight Ritual Steps of Hakhnasat Orkhim (Welcoming Guests)

“For the treasures of healthy sustenance I enjoy each day”

Kavannah Before Eating

Recipe for Persian frittata and Mashka Duah for Shavuot

Mizrahi Food, American Kitchen: Making Mashka Duah for Shavuot

“She chopped and mixed from scratch”


Seder featuring symbolic foods for the New Year

a honey dish and cut apple

Mizrachi-Sephardi recipes, blessings & kavannot for 5781

Blessed You’ll Be: Mizrachi Rituals & Recipes for 5781

The Reconstructionist Network

Serving as central organization of the Reconstructionist movement

Training the next generation of groundbreaking rabbis

Modeling respectful conversations on pressing Jewish issues

Curating original, Jewish rituals, and convening Jewish creatives

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The Reconstructionist Network