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“We wrote this ritual to mark the adoption of our son, who was weeks away from his 18th birthday at the time”

Brit Mishpakhah: Marking the Adoption of an Older Child
Blessing for Birth Parents by Adoptees Under the Huppah

We are all together walking home, on the road of teshuva

Come Home: A Rosh Hashanah Meditation

Welcoming a child into a new family

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However you find yourself becoming a parent and raising a child you might get a few questions about what makes a Jewish child Jewish

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A ritual to say goodbye to a beloved foster child, modeled on the Jewish baby naming ceremony

Farewell Ritual for Foster Child

Miriam’s Cup reinterpreted to highlight the relationship between adoptive moms and adopted daughters

Miriam’s Cup: A Ritual for Adoptive Mothers of Chinese Daughters

Just as God hear the prayers of our matriarchs, so too may God hear our prayers

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A joyous prayer for a child’s first home coming

On Bringing a Child Home for the First Time

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