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“Then the unbroken rush of praise exhaled…”
a brown feathered sparrpw sits on a wooden fence
“We will collect ourselves; / We will gather in; / We will reassemble…”
person walking in desert sand dunes
“There is a tree somewhere, so they say. / And that tree has its roots in a culture / that spreads back millennia.”
A tree across from a lake against a dark starry night
“Abraham sat all night with the body of his beloved that he bathed tenderly…”
a cave in Israel
In re-encountering Torah every year, we get the joy of meeting up with beloved places and dear old friends.
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“How can a body survive so much spilled blood?”
a rose against blackness
This poem is dedicated to dedicated to Vivian Silver, z”l, and her vision for peace
a protest for peace
“So God created the dawn, painting peaks of blues and purples to the warmth of the black.”
sunrise over the mountains
How do we make it through the bitterness, the darkness, the uncertainty of this time? We call on what we know from that wild, rudderless, nomadic experience of being both lost and guided bamidbar.
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