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“Creativity infused / Through my body / As an offering of love.”
Vayikra: The Call of the Aleph

“What if the Torah had been interpreted by us all instead of just a few?”

Inclusive Matan Torah

“There is nothing like death / To bring a clarity to vision.”

The Gift of a Death Bed: Parsha Vayekhi

“Have I authored the stories of my Life?”

My Body is a Torah Scroll

“Draped open, the Torah frames, / Our bedposts / Their cyclical story revealing / A midrash made flesh.”


A poem for Parashat Shemot

Burning Bush

“Bejeweled crown removed / yet never cast aside.”


“Anger is just a whole lotta hurt.”

Hukat – Balak: On the Heels of Korakh
Now that there is to be rejoicing / Torah speaks to that
In One Breath

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