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In re-encountering Torah every year, we get the joy of meeting up with beloved places and dear old friends.
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“How can a body survive so much spilled blood?”
a rose against blackness
This poem is dedicated to dedicated to Vivian Silver, z”l, and her vision for peace
a protest for peace
“So God created the dawn, painting peaks of blues and purples to the warmth of the black.”
sunrise over the mountains
How do we make it through the bitterness, the darkness, the uncertainty of this time? We call on what we know from that wild, rudderless, nomadic experience of being both lost and guided bamidbar.
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“I cradled your / black-inked letters, letters overflowing with infinity…”
fire burning against a black sky
a withered Torah scroll
A poem about the gift of Torah and the covenant between the poet and God.
person from behind facing mount sinai at dawn
A participatory D’var Torah for Parshat Beha’alotekha
woman in desert throwing sand in arcs

The Reconstructionist Network

Reclaiming the Hebrew Goddess and Writing Her Anew

Dive deep into the legacy of the Hebrew goddess! Through thoughtful reflection and inspired creative writing with guided writing prompts, discover where her secrets are hidden and reclaim her for your own. Six sessions starting December 14, 2023.

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