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Ritual to acknowledge loss of abortion access
After Roe: A Havdalah Ritual for Losing Abortion Access
“Help me find my voice to fight for my needs”
Prayer for Grappling with U.S. Health Insurance

“Be careful that you do not mistake human beings for the state”

Intention for a Loving Citizenship

“Noon January 20: If we create the future in the present, the One from the differences that we can fit together”

If We Create the Future in the Present

Symbolic foods to celebrate the 2021 presidential inauguration

An Inauguration Seder Plate

“Shine brightly in the halls of power”

A Liturgy for the U.S. Presidential Inauguration, 2021

A prayer for the 2021 inauguration, amid threats of domestic terrorism, for the sake of our new government, and the success and well-being of our new president and vice president

Inauguration Prayer for our Government

“Repair the rent garments of our souls”

Healing for our Nation

“May the spirit of truth and justice / that lives within us / find the courage to cry out”

Holy Breath of Liberation

“I will seek to heal and rebuild our country”

People’s Inauguration Covenant

The Reconstructionist Network

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