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“Hashem yereicham, Source of Mercy and comfort, be with us now…”
a prayer book on a lectern with a Star of David
“May each life be treated as a sacred treasure, as You have intended.”
three hands--one with brown skin, one with white skin, one with black skin touch each other over the image of a world map
Rabbi Sarah Lawson shares a new blessing to celebrate Black History Month
African-American family enjoying nature
“The quest for wisdom, / The struggle for justice”
interior of a sukkah with table covered in blue tablecloth and sunlight creating shadows on a white wall
“Your heart is noble, / The need is global”
black and white photo of people at a protest, one black/brown woman shown from behind with fist in the air, another black man in mask standing near her and another white person walking by on her other side
“This is not a song of surrender”
Carillon (We Won’t Go Back): An Anthem for Reproductive Justice
“Raise one voice, the truth that is your own”
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“The voice of lamentation echoes across the land”
Against Gun Violence
“We cheer on the fearless Deborahs, who speak English with our grandmas’ accents”
Admire the Fighters
“We know what to do: / Agitate, organize, shout”
A Short Prayer for Justice

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