Healing for our Nation

We pray now, Mi Sheberakh, to the Source of blessing 
Repair the rent garments of our souls;
Stitch the ripped fabrics of our society;
Bandage the holes in our hearts;
Cure our sicknesses, treat our ailments, lighten the burden of our treatments, 
Give us strength, offer us relief, release us from suffering
Heal my dad, guard my mom, soothe my sister, love my brother, 
support my loved one, revive my friend, 
Nurture all who live in the in-between, notice all who are unseen, 
Renew our courage, restore our breaches, rescue our wholeness
Root us all in the ever sturdy Tree of Life …
Mi Sheberakh Nishmoteinu
May the one who blesses all of our souls, 
bring us healing, 
and bless us with love, understanding, wholeness and peace.

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