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“Praise the heartbeat of the universe”
view of mountains in blue and white sky with clouds with person on a rocky outcrop small in the scene

Tekhine connecting the mitzvah of honoring our parents with the mitzvah of caring for Mother Earth

A Tekhine to Honor Mother Earth

Interpretive translation of second paragraph of the Shema

And If You Listen Closely: The Overlooked Paragraph of the Shema

“Noon January 20: If we create the future in the present, the One from the differences that we can fit together”

If We Create the Future in the Present

“We are each given exactly one chance to be”

Every Tree Was Once a Seed

An alternative ritual for not lighting Shabbat candles

Reimagining Candle Lighting in a Time of Climate Crisis

Guide for a nature-based Yom Kippur ritual in solitude

The Azazel Chapbook: An Earth-Based Yom Kippur Guide

Tashlikh ceremony using bird seed instead of bread crumbs to protect wildlife

An Eco-Sensitive Alternative Tashlich Ritual for Those Unable to Access Flowing Water

“Holy is this great earth!”

Let my voice not fall silent

Today for us is a new day on earth

Earth Day Prayer

The Reconstructionist Network

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