Prayer for an Expanding Family

Ribono Shel Olam, Creator of the World, You answered the prayers of our matriarchs Sarah, Rachel, and Hannah during this month of Tishrei. You listened to their pleas and opened their wombs, helped them conceive and brought them to a healthy birth. So may You respond to the cry of all those who call out to You today. On this, the day that celebrates the birth of the world, remember us. Our God and God of our ancestors, be compassionate. Let those who so desire conceive this year, and let the children who come forth be endowed with souls of gentleness and holiness. For those who desire to bring a child into their family through the adoption process, may their child-by-choice come into their family at the right time and in the right way. May Your compassion ease the transition as their families expand overnight. May You teach compassion to those of us who are childless, teaching us to forgive our bodies and ourselves and to find comfort in the relationships we determine to be holy. God, remind us to guard our tongues from evil and hurtful questions. Let us know holiness and wholeness. So may it be Your will.

 Ken y’hi ratzon – May this be God’s will

This prayer has been excerpted from the Rabbi Eleanor Steinman’s Rosh Hashanah Sermon, 5771, delivered at Temple Sinai Congregation of Toronto. To read the complete sermon, see the PDF below.

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