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“Wonder at the return of clarity and energy …”

Prayer After Recovering from COVID

Watch this video to learn more about birkat hagomel, a blessing to be recited after safely making it through childbirth

gomel blessing

A prayer of thanksgiving for the goodness, protection, and empowerment in our lives

Interpretive Birkat Ha-Gomel

A three-part ritual incorporating tashlikh, birkat hagomel, and daily blessings

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A poem describing the intense journey from illness to healing for an individual and a community

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Shifting the focus away from the circumcision and toward welcoming

sleeping newborn baby

Traditional prayer of thanks for a mother after delivering a child, or for one who has recently escaped danger or returned safely from a journey

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Recited by the mother for the safe childbirth

woman deep breath near celmatis vine

Traditional Brit Milah with added readings and prayers

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