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“Shine to me, stars. / There‚Äôs too much light.”
pinkish dark night sky with clouds and stars and person sitting on a boulder looking up at sky with headlight on their head
“World events do not recognize my opinions”
I Am Learning
“My knees creak and twinge / as I bend to bless”
Bending to Bless

“Jacob gave his blessings, / although some say he faltered”

Vayekhi: Words

“Blessed are You, God, who turns the hearts of parents toward children”

The Burden and the Blessings: A Prayer for Those Caring for an Aging Parent

“Life returns itself to Life.”

What I am Coming to Know: Vayeitzei

“I imagine a field where they gather: those / grandmothers”

Daughter of Your Bones

Source sheet pairing verses from Eicha with voices of immigrant parents separated from their children

Third Age Ritual
Elders’ Prayer

The Reconstructionist Network

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