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“Your wellsprings are full of compassion. Your mountains soar above our souls…”
mountains stretching across the sky
A poem about the gift of Torah and the covenant between the poet and God.
person from behind facing mount sinai at dawn
A reminder of our covenant with the Source of Life.
green mountains above a green valley
“How might we mark the moment of birth and coming into Jewish covenant without focusing on the gender and genitals of an infant?”
closeup of person's white hands holding white baby's small bare feet with dappled sunlight shining
Baby naming tradition matching Hebrew letters of child’s name to biblical verses
Schein Family Baby Naming Traditions

This ritual can be woven into an aliyah, another part of a Torah service or can stand alone

Brit Torah: Baby Naming Ceremony

celebrating a gender transition

Ceremony of Affirmation and Renaming

Baby girl naming ceremony with mystical background

Baby Girl Naming Ceremony: Entering the Covenant

A full ritual to help you practice atonement and cleansing going into Yom Kippur

Turning to Forgiveness: An Immersion Ceremony for Yom Kippur

The Reconstructionist Network

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