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“Try not to think / of the children who are not getting their baths, / who are not getting their parents.”
person wearing brown tallit silhouetted against the sunset
“We are with each other. We are not alone. / We will do what we have always done.”
An Israeli flag over Jerusalem
“Seeking an impossible calm, we bed / down our gardens for the winter, / wishing we too could sleep soundly.”
the sun shines through the sky on an autumn path
“I take it off when I get to the parking lot / and hide my Star of David, / cover my Hebrew tattoo…”
Gold star of david hanging from branch against blue sky
“I invited those who won’t speak up for me now…”
a woman sits with her head folded across her arms
“I’m teaching to prepare you. / But for what exactly? / To hide, to fight, to run away or die?”
two long rows of yahrzeit candles some of them lit
“Every song / a protest, ready to transform.”
an alter of Hanukkah menorahs
“What things do you have planned? Do you march with torches? Do you scream out for our death?”
an arm covered with a tattoo
A short reading of gratitude for those who support the Jewish people.
people holding lit candles at night
A prayer for understanding when faced with antisemitism
top half of the face of a woman with brown hair and gold eyes looking up

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