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“Blessed are those who couldn’t take the pain of living anymore”
person in silhouette looking out at foggy blue pink sky with tree in background
“it cannot be a still small voice”
Kaddish for Aylan

“What we witness is bound upon our hearts.”

Shema for George Floyd

“Ending yields space for beginning”

Words on Recycling Pages with God’s Name

“The kaddish’s peace is a growing, ever-expanding gift”

Zoom Kaddish

“May the memory of this year spark a revolution within us to build a stronger, more just and loving world.”

A Kaddish for 2020

“May we open our eyes to possibility, our ears to dialogue, our hearts to compassion”

Kaddish for Our Country

“Shekhinah – Divine Presence, may You comfort us”

Memorial Prayer for Miscarriage, Stillbirth & Baby Loss

“Let your example burn through us”

Kaddish for Ruth Bader Ginsburg

The Reconstructionist Network

Liturgy Writing for Prayer Leaders

This immersion is for prayer leaders who have some experience writing prayers and want to receive feedback and hone their skills as liturgists in a supportive environment.

Six sessions, starting May 24th

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