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“We are in mourning; / our people are in mourning; / collectively we are sitting shiva.”
a candle and red flowers
“Blessed is God, Ruler of the Universe, who created people with disabilities in Your image. / Blessed is God, who cherishes disabled lives and desires that they flourish and thrive.”
a whte-skinned woman sits in a wheelcahr and fold her hands in prayer
A poem to mark moments in a year of mourning.
hourglass and calendar
A poem to mourn the losses of life to AIDS
disco ball in dark room
“Blessed are those who couldn’t take the pain of living anymore”
person in silhouette looking out at foggy blue pink sky with tree in background
“it cannot be a still small voice”
Kaddish for Aylan

“What we witness is bound upon our hearts.”

Shema for George Floyd

“Ending yields space for beginning”

Words on Recycling Pages with God’s Name

“The kaddish’s peace is a growing, ever-expanding gift”

Zoom Kaddish

“May the memory of this year spark a revolution within us to build a stronger, more just and loving world.”

A Kaddish for 2020

The Reconstructionist Network

Reclaiming the Hebrew Goddess and Writing Her Anew

Dive deep into the legacy of the Hebrew goddess! Through thoughtful reflection and inspired creative writing with guided writing prompts, discover where her secrets are hidden and reclaim her for your own. Six sessions starting December 14, 2023.

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