Blessing for Daughters

brown skinned woman in black tank dress holding hands and dancing with two brown skinned girls by the ocean with water in the background and sunlight
May you always know your worth
May you see yourself as a blessing
May you never stop believing in truth, beauty, love and goodness 
in a world that will show you otherwise
May you follow your own path knowing that the shape of your particular heart 
is of value in this world no matter what others may say
They do not determine your path
only you can do that
May you see that you have agency to make your own decisions 
that you are not here merely to please others
to look pretty, to satisfy their desires, to be agreeable
to cave to demands that don’t include your wishes and needs 
or even take your personhood into consideration
May you feel empowered to stand your ground when you speak your truth
May you surround yourself with others who love you precisely for being you and no one else
May you hold your head high and never apologize for your gender, your brain, your opinions or your feelings
May the world open to you and may you be open
to receiving it
May you know your own strength 
as well as your own softness
May you always be kind 
but never to the point of allowing others
to take advantage of you
May you love your body
the one sacred temple in which you live
May you cultivate your garden there
and tend it only with love
May you know gentleness 
and the wholeness that comes with listening to the wisdom 
that you already carry within you
May you claim your ancient power 
that so many women have stuffed down for so long
May you reach out your lovely hand and take it all
without asking for permission

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