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A complete ritual for a family to bury the new child’s placenta under a plant in the garden.
A Placenta-Planting Ritual
A ritual for the holy work of seeding your garden or farm
An Embodiment Ritual for Planting the First Seeds of the Season

“May the new orchard bloom, and the First Fruits be blessed”

From Destruction to Restoration for Tisha B’Av

“We are each given exactly one chance to be”

Every Tree Was Once a Seed

Remember to keep going up. 

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A ceremony following or in lieu of Mincha (afternoon service)

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An article describing the custom of planting a tree in memory of a loved one

A Tree of Memory

A tradition dating from the Talmudic era

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Traditionally, a cypress tree was planted when a daughter was born and a cedar for a son. Their branches were woven together to make the wedding canopy.

Tree-Planting Ritual

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