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New ritual and meditations after Shabbat candle lighting
split screen of two photos, one of light-skinned woman with short brown hair, hands open over lit shabbat candles, second image same woman has her hands over her face blessing the shabbat candles
Sukkot activities to spur dialogue on hunger in America
three people building sukkah
“Who is responsible for my hurt?”
person wearing white shirt out in a field with palm on their own heart
“Why make my descendants suffer like that?”
woman in a desert with mounds of sand shown with shadows. she is small and far away in the scene.

“We are commanded not to harm ourselves, because for some of us that is a struggle.”

God Doesn’t Want Us To Hurt Ourselves

Guide for creating a land acknowledgment ritual

Land Acknowledgments Through a Jewish Lens

“May you join together in songs of praise, songs of joy and songs of sorrow.”

Sheva Berakhot Interpretive Translations

Envision your breath as a stream of clear light flowing from you into the shofar

Breath of Light: A Meditation on Blowing of the Shofar

Aliyah for Parashat Ki Tissa commemorating the pandemic

An Aliyah for the Anniversary of the Pandemic Shutdown

New ritual tying the smelling fragrant scents to an intention to hear Isaiah’s call for justice

Yom Kippur Ritual for Smelling Fragrant Scents

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