Brit Dorot (a ritual for a family convening or establishing a family foundation to make Tzedakah decisions together)

the Hebrew letters for Tzedakah
IN THE BEGINNING, before we were a People, we were a family.Of two children, the legacy of Abraham and Sarah continued only through Isaac, shedding the progeny of Ishmael.

Of two children, the legacy of Isaac and Rebecca continued only through Jacob, shedding the progeny of Esau.

Only the children of Jacob, Leah, and Rachel, after engaging in a fratricidal conspiracy that transformed into mutual forgiveness and love, obtained the mantle of Jewish destiny as a united family.  They were people with divergent personas and differing experiences, yet stemming from a common beginning and poised for a shared future – a future that birthed the Jewish People and granted us the privilege to claim that heritage today.

TODAY we acknowledge the cherished legacy of the Jewish People gifted to us by the generations of family that preceded us.

TODAY we pledge to advance our families’ inheritance of that legacy towards new generations.

TODAY we recognize that not only are we stronger when we act together, but that when we act alone, we belittle the blessing of family bestowed upon us, a blessing that is precious and rare and within our power to nurture or to neglect.

TODAY we who commit our names to this COVENANT OF GENERATIONS are blessed, as was the family of Leah, Rachel, and Jacob, to be one.  We bring our unique souls, we bring our different life experiences, and we also bring our love and respect for one another, our openness to learning from one another, as we commit to mingling the generous gifts that God has granted to us with the talents and skills of people who will extend our trust in them and in their organizations to champion our shared vision of a blessed future for the Jewish People.


(The family members may wish to recite the Shehechayanu blessing).


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