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This powerful new song calls for the release of the hostages.
the desert in Israel
“And I wish I had special wipers / that could wipe away the tears, the pain, the anger…”
a car driving at dusk
“Stop our hearts from breaking / put the broken pieces together again.”
a leaf that looks like a broken heart
This Hanukkah 2023 ritual acknowledges the incompleteness of joy while captives are being held.
a hanukkan menorah with all lights lit but the eighth candle
This new poem uses the imagery of water through a faucet to capture the feeling of waiting for the captives to be released.
a water droplet
“We are looking for you. / We will not let you go.”
A woman's silhouette in the window
“How do we choose who will live or who will die, what measure do we use / to free them and ourselves from this nightmare…”
two hands reaching to the heavens
“Blessed are You, Creator of the Universe, who frees the bound.”
trees on the hillside
“One day, / The court of the captives will convene / before the halls of power…”
clouds acrsos the skyline
“Two weeks / have passed / since rockets / split the skies, / and invaders / split our hearts.”
The Kotel at night

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