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This new poem uses the imagery of water through a faucet to capture the feeling of waiting for the captives to be released.
a water droplet
“We are looking for you. / We will not let you go.”
A woman's silhouette in the window
“How do we choose who will live or who will die, what measure do we use / to free them and ourselves from this nightmare…”
two hands reaching to the heavens
“Blessed are You, Creator of the Universe, who frees the bound.”
trees on the hillside
“One day, / The court of the captives will convene / before the halls of power…”
clouds acrsos the skyline
“Two weeks / have passed / since rockets / split the skies, / and invaders / split our hearts.”
The Kotel at night
“Master of Compassion, help us hold the humanity and the heartache of the Jewish people while also holding the humanity and the dignity of the Palestinian people.”
a skyline in Israel, overlooking the Sea

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