Type: Poem

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“And the darkness of evening becomes the light of Shabbat…”
a starry twilight sky
“Instead of color and shape and symbols or frame / I ponder what is holy…”
a peace sign painted on a stone
“I, my child, / will never tire / of bringing you / morning worm…”
a birds nest
“The child / had suckled my breast, but / would call another mother.”
A woman sitting alone in the desert
“Each breath a prayer. Each breath a Hope.”
the night sky over mountains
“Imagine Moses / leading the slaves out of Egypt on Zoom…”
a seder plate
The text is taken completely from the source, but arranged as a found poem.
a plate of matzah and spring flowers
“I feel whole for having finally embraced / those living waters and the Jewish people and / myself.”
a star of David on a chain
“There is holiness / in the face of a flower…”
close of up a purple floer
“Make room beyond the river for my sister, who / is singing Miriam’s song…”
a collage features a hand reaching towards the sun

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