Type: Poem

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“We are still only days into our wandering…” ;
a person walkingthrough the desert, the sunset is ahead
“At Shavuot, the Angels ask / Have you forgotten why you are here?”
clouds reflected in the sea
“Where you go, I will go, I told my small sons…”
a child's feet
We go on with warrants and bombs for those, much like ourselves, we might better have intended to love….”
“Then the unbroken rush of praise exhaled…”
a brown feathered sparrpw sits on a wooden fence
“Proof that if you look / beyond flood waters, / there will be dry land…”
a white dove opening its wings
“you are embedded / at the heart of existence / the spark / that sets in motion…”
constellations in a black and purple sky
“you will know a tidal surge / part marvel part mystery…”
a pregnant woman touches her belly, a dog lies sleeping at her feet
“In truth, / I just want them home…”
the contrast of darrk and light on a building made of Jerusalme stone
“They will sing to you melodies of ascent…”
lighthouse against a starry sky

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