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An intention for washing hands during Urkhatz
close up of cupped white hands under flowing water

A virtual conversion ritual with handwashing to evoke the mikveh

Handwashing Ritual for Online Conversion

Discuss social justice and eradicating racial injustice at your Shabbat dinner

Turn the Tables: Until Justice Rolls Down

A ritual meant for a couple to really see each other, as if for the first time, on their wedding day

Kabbalat Panim

A ritual for returning home and letting go of the day that has past

Coming Home Ritual for Couples

Ceremony with friends and officiant including song and a ritual handwashing

wedding band on a piece of wood

A ceremony following or in lieu of Mincha (afternoon service)

two hands holding black paper heart

An opportunity to join with others and be witnessed in any life transition, both external and internal

hand holding small glass of water

A visualization and affirmation while washing ones hands

Netilat Yadayim
The traditional masculine and alternative feminine God-language.
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