Transition Ritual

hand holding small glass of water

Begin by having friends and family line a path for the individual marking the transition to walk through. Each individual holds a jar/cup filled with water. The transitioning individual begins at the start of the path holding an empty jar/bowl and states the following:

The transition I am about to honor is ___________

She/He continues stating each of the following:

I am leaving behind _________

I fear _____________________

I need ____________________

I hope for _________________

I welcome _________________

As she/he makes each statement, the family and friends repeat:

You are_________________

She/He continues walking as each statement is made. As the individual marking the transition makes her/his way through the path, each person she/he passes pours water from their jar into hers/his (representing support and giving). At the end of the path the individual marking the transition bows or pauses. The last person in the path then takes the jar/bowl from the transitioning individual and pours the water over the hands of the individual marking the transition

The transitioning individual says:

Blessed are you, G-d, who gives strength to me, and who is present in the unfolding of these changes.

The family and friends then say together:

Blessed are you, G-d, who gives strength to ____, and who is present in the unfolding of these changes.

Optional: Family and friends bring small symbols of transition to give to the individual marking the transition at the beginning of the ritual. Each person walks up to the transitioning individual and presents their symbol of change.

*If there are fewer people, this ritual can be done with just one supportive individual.

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