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“The nearby porch clutter did not diminish their / prayers, inspiring my own return to Shabbat.”
Shabbat candles and wine set on a white tablecloth
An easy-to-follow Shabbat guide that is informative and inclusive
Radical Shabbat Guide

Uplifting song for Shabbat with video

Kein Yehi (May It Be): A Song for Shabbat

“And this is how we begin again: let our lives be renewed at this sacred time, when the end and the beginning become one.”

Humanistic Kabbalat Shabbat from the Home

A prayer for blessing oneself on Erev Shabbat

Blessing Oneself on Erev Shabbat

Humanist HaMotzi

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Kiddush: Humanist liturgy

Kiddush: Humanist Liturgy

Humanist candle lighting blessings

Lighting Shabbat and Festival Candles: Humanist Liturgy

The Reconstructionist Network

Serving as central organization of the Reconstructionist movement

Training the next generation of groundbreaking rabbis

Modeling respectful conversations on pressing Jewish issues

Curating original, Jewish rituals, and convening Jewish creatives

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The Reconstructionist Network