Blessing for the Dedication of Solar Panels

solar panels on a building with sunshine

Elohei Ha-Rukhot, Spirit and Source of Life, we come here in humility and gratitude today for the opportunity to celebrate the installation of our solar panels here at Congregation [name].

Like Adam Ha-Rishon, the first human, we are placed on this planet le’ovdah u’le’shamrah, to serve all life and protect our planet’s precious resources. 

We ask that the work of our hands and hearts be blessed today. And just as our rabbinic ancestors noted that mitzvah goreret mitzvah, that the fulfillment of one commandment builds energy for further positive efforts, we ask that this step we take on the path of the mitzvah of sustainability with the solar installation lead us to take continued sustainable actions in the life of this community and in our personal lives.

We ask that you bless our leaders today—local, state, and national—that they integrate principles of sustainability and justice into their work, so that they may help create a healthier planet for future generations through their work.

And finally, as we are called to le’takein olam be’malkhut shadai, to repair the world in the Divine image, may the image of a repaired and sustainable world be inscribed on our hearts that we may share it with our children and children’s children until we all together work to make it a reality.

Barukh atah adonai ha’metakein et artzo u’mekhadesh be’khol yom tamid ma’asei bereishit. Blessed are you INSPIRER who infuses the energy of repair into your world and allows us to renew the works of your creation.

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