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Finding forgiveness and self-compassion
May I Find Forgiveness
“For all of our failures to protect you, our daughters, mothers, partners and friends”
Confessional to the Women We’ve Failed

Al Het recalling sins against Black Americans

Al Het for Our Racial History

“O God, please forgive us for spending another year in vain, in a liminal space, attempting to find the perfect balance”

Al Het for 2021/5782: Striking Balance
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When our hearts ache, may we ascend like the letters of the Torah

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A poem about spiritual mutiny for Elul

Elul: A Prayer for Those Who Wrestle

“For the sin we commit when we fail to recognize the enormity and pervasiveness of the global refugee crisis”

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Combines the ritual of tashlikh with the words and sentiments of U’netaneh Tokef and Al Het in a series of experiential activities to recognize and let go of our sins

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