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Latest Rituals

“To see each member of our community / With clear eyes and an open heart”  
For Those Who Endure Chronic Conditions

“I see the words of my prayers / wrap themselves around you”

The Light and the Wick

“Jacob gave his blessings, / although some say he faltered”

Vayekhi: Words

“Blessed are You, God, who turns the hearts of parents toward children”

The Burden and the Blessings: A Prayer for Those Caring for an Aging Parent

Poem on parenting new baby struggling to feed 

Olam Hazeh

“Life returns itself to Life.”

What I am Coming to Know: Vayeitzei

“There were so many lonely hours …”

Modah Ani in the Hospital

“Who by chemo and who radiation?”

This Year is too Real: A Personal Unetaneh Tokef

“I fear the loss of one too dear to let go.”

The Shadow of Death

Blessing using feminine God language on receiving a diagnosis

Brakhah for Receiving a Diagnosis

The Reconstructionist Network

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