Created in Your Image: A Blessing for Inclusion

a silhouette of people holding hands including someone in a wheelchair
Makor HaHayim,
Source of Life,
You created human beings in your image,
B’tzelem Elohim*.
Each one of us
a unique creation–
genetic material that 
holds a neshamah**,
a soul that is pure.
Our bodies and our minds 
are different and diverse creations–
Full of strengths and vulnerabilities,
Some of us born into our bodies needing help
to move, to see, to hear, to talk, to eat.
Some of us will take our bodies and minds for granted
until they change with age…
reminding us that there are times 
when we all need support.
The human body is a vessel
that we can see–
but deeper,
what is constant and in common
among us all 
is the unseen–
the souls that you have placed within us.
Makor HaHayim,
Source of Life,
Help us to 
encounter one another
as that pure soul
created in Your image;
that we see ourselves and one another
as Btzelem Elohim.



*Btzelem Elohim: In Genesis 1:27, we read that God created human beings in God’s own image.

**Neshamah–A Hebrew word meaning ‘soul.’

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