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“I didn’t fast on Yom Kippur / But I mended my relationship with my spouse and children by being present in the moment and honest about my feelings in a positive way…”
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A water ritual for beginning the fast of Yom Kippur
White-skinned hands grasp a glass of blue water
“We may fast for many reasons / but on this day only one matters”
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New ritual tying the smelling fragrant scents to an intention to hear Isaiah’s call for justice

Yom Kippur Ritual for Smelling Fragrant Scents

“We take for granted that we have food to eat”

The Mindfulness of Fasting

To see what it looks like to put ourselves together again.

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The Reconstructionist Network

Light the World: A Nia Dance Party for Hanukkah

Welcome Hanukkah through the Nia movement practice. We’ll kindle our unique candles to music by Jewish singers, followed by prompts for reflection and writing. Nia is adaptable to individual needs and abilities. Move with us on December 7, 2023.

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