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“What is a painter? / A witness (often flawed) who tries to repair / a shadow, the angle of a shoulder?”
a watercolor of a mother holding her child
A poem about early moments of grief
two ducks on a lake
“The red-tailed hawk, whose flight is praise / bursts from the sky”
watercolor painting by Cathleen Cohen showing a hawk on a tree on the left side of the painting with green grass and blue sky and white cloud in the background
“The holy that swims / through my sight …”
watercolor painting by cathleen cohen called "sharp joy" shows beautiful pink flowers and green leaves and brown stems in delicate watercolors
“You’re the essential / Co-repairer of the world”
close up of mosaic of red white blue and yellow pieces
“What’s moves us most?”
To Arrive in This Moment
“Seder participants select a decorated pillowcase”
a seder plate

“May it be Your will that Shekhinah reside in the work of my hands”

Prayer for Crafting

“I survey the garden / I’d cast myself from”

Eve Returns

A journey of art making, writing, and meditation

Wheel of Teshuvah: A Guided Journey

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