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“Who makes it possible for us to see those we love”
brown skinned woman with dark hair sitting at desk looking at computer screen where an array of faces are shown as on a Zoom screen
“We walk in fear, in doubt, in uncertainty, / so why do we even bother to pray?”
Why Bother to Pray?
“The last three years have not been easy, even for the children who are acting like they have been”
The Four Children of the (Continued) Pandemic

“From the makor ha’hayim – the Source of All Life – we draw forth these blessings”

A Prayer for Healing

The emotions surrounding the act of seeing each other face-to-face again are overwhelming

Blessing For Taking Off Masks

“I pray for all of us/That our day/Not be, please God/Too far away.”

Prayer For Those Waiting For the Vaccine

“Each has gazed at many mountains / Over this past year; / Peaks of the infected, / Deserts of the isolated.”

Ki Tisa

“May everyone everywhere receive their two doses”

Benching Gomel After Receiving the Second Dose of the Vaccine

Marking the loss of half a million Americans to COVID-19

Shed a Tear, Say a Prayer

“May we soon see a world vaccinated and restored to life”

Prayer When a Loved One is Diagnosed with COVID-19

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