These Ancient Wounds

These ancient wounds, so deeply cut,
Hide beneath layers, yet still re-emerge.
At times, we forget their existence,
But they remain, gangrened, and painful.
These ancient wounds afflict so many,
We’ve forgotten that they need healing.
Blinded by rhetoric of countless years,
It’s us versus them, endlessly again …
These ancient wounds, carrying ancient pain,
Leave us lost in hazy discomfort.
We remember the pain, not forgiveness,
Leaving us far from G-d’s embrace.
These ancient wounds, so callously embroidered,
Need us to heal our hearts.
From healed hearts can come forgiveness,
And then all wounds can heal.
Take our hands, their hands, too,
Join us together in mutual embrace.
Shed a bright light of Justice,
A true Justice for all humanity.
These ancient wounds cannot survive love,
And love can replace all hate.
Giver of Life, hear our plea,
And let love replace our pain …
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