Connection with All

a woman silhouetted against a starry night sky

Everything has its limits.
Even God knows Gevurah.


Each letter
A cosmos of vibrations
Held gently within
This boundary
That is me.

Connection to all
Arrives in raindrops
Falling on this body,
My rainforest floor.

My foundation suckles
Penetrating moisture,
Lingering long enough
To calm the waves
When my boundaries
Are storming.

Praise the ride.
Praise the rider.
Praise the boat.
Praise the shoreline.
Praise the crossing.
Praise the not drowning.
Praise the beginning.
Praise the end.
Praise the forgiver.
Praise those forgiven.
Praise the malady.
Praise the healer.
Praise Eloheinu.
Praise Ekhad.

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