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To be performed on the 8th day or another day

Seder Milah: Ritual Circumcision

Bris ceremony

newborn baby wrapped in blue blanket

A mother discusses how her son’s Hebrew name was chosen and a special naming ceremony on his first birthday

naming a son on his first birthday

Watch the video to learn about finding a mohel, what a brit milah is all about, and some popular modern spins on this ancient tradition

brit milah jewish traditions for welcoming a baby boy

Encouraging those in attendance of the bris to be present in feeling and accompanying the baby through his pain

parents and newborn baby

Shifting the focus away from the circumcision and toward welcoming

sleeping newborn baby

A prayer in English and Yiddish to be recited on the occasion of a son’s bris

woman holding newborn baby

A feminist mom discusses circumcision

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A tekhine, traditional prayer, to be said by a new mother before the bris of her son

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Traditional Brit Milah with added readings and prayers

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