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“Pay attention. This is not a test.”
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Envision your breath as a stream of clear light flowing from you into the shofar

Breath of Light: A Meditation on Blowing of the Shofar

“Now there’s another threshold, and this time we cross together.”

Mystical Shofar Service
Shofarot: A Tripartite Proposal

Envision a shofar made of pure light

Two Meditations for the Days of Awe


When the last note is sounded, will we forget the memory of the blast and go back to ourselves?

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Intentions, blessings, and poems to read upon immersing in the mikveh before Rosh Hashanah

The Beginning of the Journey: A Mikveh Immersion Ceremony for Rosh Hashanah

A poem about what the blast of the shofar does to bring us out of past and present

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The Reconstructionist Network

Learning to Say "We": Writing Identity

In this immersion, we will reflect and expand on our personal experiences of identity, using writing exercises and in-depth discussions to think about, challenge, discover, explore, and experiment with different ways to identify ourselves, to consider how those ways connect us to and separate us from others, and how they represent and misrepresent aspects of who we are.

Four sessions, starting June 15th

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