God’s Lament: A Letter to Daughter Zion

The Book of Lamentations is a collection of poetry lamenting the desctruction of Jerusalem in 586 BCE. We mourn for this destruction on Tisha b’Av. The poetry wails for those who died, and and for the city itself, named Zion. Some of the poetry acuses God of abandoning Zion, after punishing Zion with horrific destruction. My own poem below imagines the abusing God’s response to Zion.

God’s Lament: A Letter to Daughter Zion
In response to Lamentations

I promise I’ll stop. 

I’ll be different this time. 

I’ll get help. I’ll try harder. 

You know you can’t live without Me. 

Who are you to separate 

from Me, to separate Me, 

dividing holy and mundane?

I chose you from all nations.

We were separate together. 

We were wholly One,

but I was not enough for you. 

Coward, Zion! 

You are dust and ashes,

a child bound by father’s hand,

waiting for My angel to save you

After all we’ve been through:

Deliverance, redemption, revelation! 

You repay Me with idolatry.

Zion, we are bound to one another

and there is no ram for the offering.

You will suffer for your sins 
until you praise Me again, return again, 
call Me ‘God’ again.

I still remember when you made Me holy.
My Name was in your mouth,

comfort shared between us. 

You know I can’t live without you. 

I have crushed your bones, 

but you were the one who left 
Me in pieces, shattered

like My own vessels

I am no longer One.

Hear, O broken Israel

your struggle is your strength.

You lament and you rise,
Just when you think 

there’s no hope anymore

you turn and return again 

till I AM THAT I AM: yours.

Beloved Zion,

our covenant is binding.

I let there be light, 

separating day from night,
but it is you who bless them.

I can only see holiness 

though your eyes.

We are still One. 

We are nothing as two.

And even if you forsake Me, Zion,

I will always love you.

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