Passover Pillowcase Ritual

A few weeks before the first night of Passover. 
My children and I sit down with pencils,
Fabric-safe pens and new, freshly washed pillow cases, 
We excitedly talk about what we will paint.
Maybe a ceremonial object like a seder plate,
Maybe a healing painting based on Miriam’s well,
Maybe the four questions written in English and Hebrew
Plus the languages of our European ancestors.  
Maybe a scene from the Passover story,
Complete with dialogue, original songs 
and quizzes, of course.
The Passover pillowcases accompany us throughout our seder. 
Softening a rugged, frightening path. 
They help us navigate, clarify, question, emphasize and 
Provide beauty, hope, and growth.   
Seder participants select a decorated pillowcase                                                                                                                                                                      
that is meaningful to them,
Each pillow is put into a pillowcase
As we say
Blessed are You, Lord God of All,
Who delights us with the gift of memory,  
Honors us with the treasure of Torah 
And invites family, friends, and community
To comfortably lie back
On these lovingly and creatively designed pillowcases
With deep gratitude for being redeemed from slavery 
and brought into freedom.
ברוך אתה ה׳ מלך העולמים
שמשמח אותנו במתנת הזכרון
שמכבד אותנו באוצר התורה
ומזמין משפחהחבריםוקהילה
להסב בניחותא על כריות שעוצבו ביצירתיות ובאהבה
אנו מכירי תודה עמוקה על כך שהוציאנו מעבדות לחירות

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