Hayyei Sarah: My Prayer

Sarah’s lifetime was
One hundred years;
Twenty years;
Seven years.

Our lives move in stages.
We have the opportunity
To become a re-creation.

Eliezer prayed.
Eliezer set an intention:
He prayed,
To find a woman 
Who would serve as healer.

Holy One of the Divine Matrix,
Who submerges 
Into the silence,
Deepest of wells,
Cleanse and soften
My constricting borders
Of irrational,
Often harsh, judgment.

Bathe me, 
Mayyim Hayyim
Flood me with strength, 
That I may be of service,
One blessed drink
At a time.

All have been hurt.
All are hurting. 

Raise up my eyes
Through the vision of hesed,
To see the traumatized
And to journey,
With them,
And within myself,
Until there is a healing.
Then, because of love, 
We can float 
As burdens drown.  

Let me join 
My voice with 
Others who say,
“I will go.”

Help me become
An answer
To a prayer for healing.

And let me say:

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