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“Abraham sat all night with the body of his beloved that he bathed tenderly…”
a cave in Israel
“I’m drilling / into darkness / to where the rabbis’ promise / flickers still.”
a glass Hanukkah menorah
“How can a body survive so much spilled blood?”
a rose against blackness
“In this grove that awakens in me forgotten tears of grief…”
a grove of trees overlooks the water
“In Hebrew, shakan, dwelling place, often referred to a royal residence. / The rabbis gave it a feminine ending: Shekhinah. Divine mother.”
womans eye visible behind giant ferns

“Grant me the wisdom to lead with conviction like my mothers Miriam and Deborah”

An Amidah Kavannah

“G–d of Sarah, / G–d of Rebekah, G–d of Rachel / and G–d of Leah, who passed their crowns / of ringlets to me”

21st Century Amidah
“We have the opportunity / To become a re-creation”
Hayyei Sarah: My Prayer

But what if her jeer was her coping?

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