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A beautiful kavannah (intention) for lighting Shabbat candles.
split screen of two photos, one of light-skinned woman with short brown hair, hands open over lit shabbat candles, second image same woman has her hands over her face blessing the shabbat candles
This powerful poem takes us into Sarah’s inner world.
a woman in shadow across the sand
“Abraham sat all night with the body of his beloved that he bathed tenderly…”
a cave in Israel
“I’m drilling / into darkness / to where the rabbis’ promise / flickers still.”
a glass Hanukkah menorah
“How can a body survive so much spilled blood?”
a rose against blackness
“In this grove that awakens in me forgotten tears of grief…”
a grove of trees overlooks the water
“In Hebrew, shakan, dwelling place, often referred to a royal residence. / The rabbis gave it a feminine ending: Shekhinah. Divine mother.”
womans eye visible behind giant ferns

“Grant me the wisdom to lead with conviction like my mothers Miriam and Deborah”

An Amidah Kavannah

“G–d of Sarah, / G–d of Rebekah, G–d of Rachel / and G–d of Leah, who passed their crowns / of ringlets to me”

21st Century Amidah
“We have the opportunity / To become a re-creation”
Hayyei Sarah: My Prayer

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