Prayer For Those Waiting For the Vaccine

Ribbono Shel Olam, Merciful One,
Please join me in prayer,
Comfort me, 
Before I am used up and done.
I call out to You,
As I shed a tear, 
My patience is wearing thin,
And, I fear, I am through.
I sit here… waiting.
I pace back and forth… waiting.
I lie here… waiting.
I sit here… crying.
I pace back and forth… crying.
I lie here… crying.
Waiting to go there.
Waiting for the call.
Waiting for the site to refresh
Waiting… Please God,
To again breathe 
Some familiar air.
Because, I can’t get through,
No one answering my calls,
Perhaps not even
I am waiting, My Friend,
For my turn,
For my ticket out,
For this all to come 
To some sort of end.
I am crying, My God,
For the pain of a year lost,
Waiting to join together
To bring an end to all of this nonsense
Which, to be honest,
Has just been so very odd.
Every shot, every day,
Blesses us,
Moving us,
One step closer,
Yet, with each additional day,
I still feel like the end 
Is so so so far away.
Hear me, please, Oh God!
I am waiting, God,
I am crying…
I need hope,
I need patience,
I need some of your
Divine Love
As I wait to be vaccinated.
So, Ribbono Shel Olam
Merciful One, 
To you I pray,
Today as on all days.
I pray for laboratories and factories
That they be efficient and clean.
I pray for good salaries for all the workers
Who have taken on the holy task
Of bringing the vaccine to me.
I pray for well functioning government,
And websites that are fully prepared.
I pray for lots of tech support,
And access for all of us,
Including those who are impaired.
I pray for a short line, 
For a dose for everyone with an appointment,
And even more for all those in need
Because we all know it isn’t just me
Who is important.
I pray for all of us,
That our day 
Not be, please God,
Too far away.
So, God, help me to be patient,
To keep joy and hope in my heart,
As I wait for my turn
To receive this blessed medical agent.
To soon see those I love 
And to always serve as Your agent
Of Divine Love.
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