Mourners’ Kaddish In A Time of War and Violence

a person sits on a rock in the desert
Yitgadal V’yit’kadash Shmei Rabah  May the Great Name, through our own expanding awareness and our fuller action, lift Itself to become still higher and more holy; May our names, along with all the names of all the beings in the universe, live within the Great Name; May the names of all whom we can no longer touch but who have touched our hearts and lives, remain alight within our memories and in the Great Name; May the names of all who have died in violence and war be kept alight in our sight and in the Great Name, with sorrow that we were not yet able to shape a world in which they would have lived.
(Cong: Amein)B’alma di vra chi’rooteh v’yamlich malchuteh  b’chayeichun, u’v’yomeichun, u’v’chayei d’chol beit yisrael, b’agalah u’vzman kariv, v’imru: —   May Your Great Name lift Itself still higher and more holy throughout the world that You have offered us, a world of majestic peaceful order that gives life to the Godwrestling folk through time and through eternity —- And let’s say, Amein  (Cong: Amein Y’hei sh’mei rabbah me’vorach l’olam almei almaya.So therefore may the Great Name be blessed, through every Mystery and Mastery of every universe. Yitbarach, v’yishtabach, v’yitpa’ar, v’yitromam, v’yitnasei, v’yithadar, v’yit’aleh, v’yithalal — Shmei di’kudshah, – Brich Hu (Cong: Brich Hu May the Great Name be blessed and celebrated, Its beauty honored and raised high; may It be lifted and carried, may Its radiance be praised in all Its Holiness –Blessed be!  L’eylah min kol bir’chatah v’shir’atah tush’be’chatah v’nechematah,de’amiran be’alma, v’imru: Amein (Cong: Amein Even though we cannot give You enough blessing, enough song, enough praise, enough consolation to match what we wish to lay before You – And though we know that today there is no way to console You when among us some who bear Your Image in our being are slaughtering others who bear Your Image in our being. Yehei Shlama Rabah min Shemaya v’chayyim  aleinu v’al kol Yisrael, v’imru Amein.Still we beseech that from the unity of Your Great Name flow the dissolving of our ancient and our recent traumas, into great harmony and joyful life for all who wrestle God. (Cong: Amein Oseh Shalom bi’m’romav, hu ya’aseh shalom aleinu v’al kol yisrael v’al kol yishmael v’al kol yoshvei tevel – v’imru: Amein. You who make harmony in the ultimate reaches of the universe, teach us to make harmony within ourselves, among ourselves – and peace for the Godwrestling folk, the people Israel;  for our cousins the children of Ishmael; 

and for all who dwell upon this planet.(Cong: AmeinOseh Shalom bi’m’romav, hu ya’aseh shalom aleinu v’al kol yisrael v’al kol yishmael v’al kol yoshvei tevel – v’imru: Amein.


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