The Mindfulness of Fasting

We take for granted that we have food to eat,
Unless we are among those who don’t.

We take granted that there will be food on our tables,
Unless we have no tables, no food, no hope.
We take for granted that the pantry will never be bare,
Unless there is no pantry or nothing is there.
We take for granted that we can eat what we want,
Unless we have to make do with whatever we can get.
We take for granted that we can shop when we need to,
Unless we depend on a monthly trip to a food bank.
We take for granted that we can eat out any time,
Unless we have no money for such things.
We take for granted having a full stomach at night,
Unless we go to bed hungry, again.
We take for granted we will have breakfast in the morning,
Unless we don’t know where our next meal comes from.
We take for granted the food that we waste,
Unless scraps and waste cans are where our food comes from.
We take for granted that there will always be more,
Unless we never have seconds, or most times even firsts.
We take for granted that the fasting will end,
Unless our lives are always a fast and we know the food will end.
We take for granted the quality of life we enjoy,
Unless it is lost, gone forever, a distant memory.
We take for granted all the blessings we have,
Unless we don’t seem to have any to begin with.
We take for granted the food that we eat,
Unless food is the answer to our prayers.
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