woman in mask and gloves delivering groceries at the doorstep of a house to another woman in mask and gloves

The coronavirus pandemic has shaken our lives. Many of us have experienced loss of loved ones, loss of income, illness, fear, isolation, frustration, fatigue. Some of us have put our lives at risk on the front lines as doctors and nurses, grocery workers, delivery workers, and other places of vulnerability. All of us are trying to cope and adapt to a new reality. We all suffer in different ways, and no one's suffering is more important than anyone else's. We are in this together. And we can help each other. Below are blessings, prayers, poems and rituals written during the pandemic: from graduation and b'nei mitzvah ceremonies to prayers for health care workers to blessings for handwashing. These resources offer healing, hope, meaning, structure, gratitude and joy during this fragile moment.

Latest Rituals

Refuah Shleimah: A Healing Ritual Marking a Year of Pandemic


March 11th, 12pm–1:15pm ET

When the World Health Organization first declared the coronavirus global pandemic, on March 11th, 2020, our lives changed forever. We have collectively experienced loss, illness, fear, and uncertainty. We have been forced to adjust to a new reality and felt the psychological effects of isolation and changed routines. And we have barely had time to process this radical shift in our lives, as we struggle to meet new challenges each day.