From Destruction to Restoration for Tisha B’Av

The Sacred Gardener clears the landscape
Whole Orchard Recycling*
Uprooting the trees, branches cover the ground
Destroying the orchard is painful
Displacing families of neighboring trees who’ve shared root systems and stories
Grinding and chipping to fortify the topsoil
Now the field has become replenished 
It’s time to plant again
May the new orchard bloom, and the First Fruits be blessed
Jeremiah 1:1 – 2:3 (Haftarah for Parashat Pinchas)
*”Whole Orchard Recycling is when old orchard trees are ground, chipped and turned back into the soil before new almond trees are planted.” UC Davis
Attached image by Julie Weinstein
Mixed media, 8.5in x 11in
Image text: uprooting, destroying, planting, building


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