For the Captives

a leaf that looks like a broken heart
For the captives:
Heart broken in two,
splitting like a volcano,
ashes of blood rising to heaven,
and then down to earth again.
I see the infants, children, young boys, young girls,
men, women, elders.
I cannot look at them.
I see the empty tables
waiting for them.
Tears flow from my eyes,
I cannot look.
The pain is too great,
but I cannot not look,
and so I look.
I look deep into their eyes, deep into their souls,
I keep them in my mind, my heart, my soul.
Where are they?
In darkness?
Light a candle for each one,
bring them light.
Bring light into them,
and bring them into light.
Holy Light,
holy Peace.
Stop our hearts from breaking,
put the broken pieces together again.
Make them whole, alive in the light,
make them whole, alive in our hearts.
Holy One, please bring them back.
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